Buyer's Incentive


“We have identified over 80 different variables involved in the home buying process that can be proactively managed to ensure you find the perfect home, negotiated at the best price and terms.”


- National Association of Expert Advisors.

1. Builder Incentives Value of $20,000 

(Based on Project and Builder Approval)

2. VIP/Platinum $25,000 Cash Certificate Saving Guaranteed.

3. Mortgage Protection Guaranteed Rate Value of $2,000 And Above

4. Home Warranty For 12 Months Value of $5,000 And Above
(Based on Property Type)

5. Satisfaction Guarantee For 24 Months Value of $20,000 And Above

6. Moving Concierge 24/7 Unlimited Access

7. Honest And Promises Guarantee Value of $500

8. Communication Guaranteed Value $100.

9. One Year Property Management Value of $2,500

10. Cancellation Guarantee


$75,100 AND ABOVE
(FREE for OMNI Team Members)

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